TuiDaoHu Rule

TuiDaoHu, 推倒胡 in Chinese, is a popular Mahjong rule in China.

How to play

Same as regular rules, except

  1. no CHI, or CHOW is allowed.
  2. The dealership goes to winner of last hand.

How to score

  1. Score includes Hand Score and Kong Score.
  2. Hand Score. There are two king of hands: Chicken Hand and Big Hand, worth 1 and 2 points respectively. Big Hand includes: bless of heaven, bless of earch, full flash, all honors, four concealed triplets, four kongs, big three dragons, big four winds, small four winds, seven pairs, and 13 orphans.
  3. Win-on-Draw gets double points.
  4. Multiple winning is allowed.
  5. Kong Score will be calculated after someone wins. Exposed Kong has 3 points, all from the fire man, who discards the winning tile. Extended Kong has 3 points, where 1 point from each opponent. Concealed Kong has 6 points, where 2 points from each opponent. Robing-a-Kong has 6 points, all from the fire man. Winning-on-Kong is counted as winning-on-draw, except that it is an exposed kong, all points are from the one fires the Kong. All Kong instances are calculated.
  6. No one wins points on a draw game
  7. Same Round Immunity for Pong and Win. If one discards a tile, he/she cannot pong or win the same tile before he/she discards another tile.
  8. Horse is not implemented


  1. 推倒胡
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